Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eco-Resort Turns White Slopes Green

Imagine being in a resort that resembles a snow covered mountain with a giant, 400 foot build-in ski slope at the side of the structure and in addition, it is powered by the wind and the sun. Impressive, cool design where the customers will be taken to a special journey. I have always admired the hospitality design, especially when the imagination creates special and unique spaces that wow the customers. Designed by Michael Jantzen, a well-known designer and artist, this 95-room hotel eco-hotel delivers sustainable luxury in style and incorporates all of our favorite green features. The entire hotel is build from the most appropriate and sustainable products. Large south facing insulated windows help to heat a large thermal mass in the floor of the lobby, providing passive solar heating, along with deeply buried earth pipes. The ski slope is designed to collect summer rainwater, and winter melting snow, as it is channeled into large containers buried at the base of the slope. There are many other unusual amenities, like a special eco-spa and eco-gym with electricity generating equipment. Michael Jantzen hopes that the design will “once again demonstrate how even the most luxurious places on earth can, and should be, built in an earth friendly way.” He also wants his " work to inspire people to think differently about everything and inspire future generations to design solutions to global problems without the constraints of conventional thinking." The eco-resort is a great example of his innovative thinking.

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