Friday, January 8, 2010

Green living takes root in Sweden

Sustainability is the motto of the Western Harbour (Vaestra Hamnen) project in the southern city of Malmo, Sweden.There are futuristic buildings sporting massive glass windows and glinting solar panels. But turn a corner and you find a green courtyard with a little pond and some modest timber structures that remind you of Swedish villages. A former shipyard and industrial site is being turned into a green residential area based on 100% use of renewable energy. A nearby 2MW wind turbine provides much of the electricity for Bo01, the rest coming from solar panels. Solar collectors on 10 of the buildings provide 15% of the heating, but a more important source is a heat pump connected to aquifers 90m (297ft) underground.The water in the limestone bedrock is used to provide heat in winter and cooling in summer.
green solutions:
  • Wind, solar power and underground aquifers
  • Developers comply with green space factor and green points
  • Water features enhance biodiversity and quality of life
  • On-site recycling facilities - rubbish is separated
Source: BBC News/ Europe

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